Retail Banking

South Atlantic Solutions Retail Banking Solution is designed to provide an end-to-end coverage of the banking product offerings that you could possibly want to offer your clients. These products can be implemented on a modular basis thus ensuring a prudent and attractive procing model.

Some of the business functions you will enjoy providing on our retail banking solution include.
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Corporate Banking

South Atlantic Solutions has a flexible and powerful suit of corporate banking products created with speed and integrity in mind. These products are highly configurable thus allowing you to have a short implementation time.

The solutions provided by these products are guaranteed to cover the standard services you have or wish to offer your corporate clients.
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Treasury Banking

South Atlantic Solutions offers a useful set of treasury banking solutions to ensure that the bank is able to cater for its own treasury operations.

These systems are designed with international standard functionalities to ensure maximum operability within the market.
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SME Banking

South Atlantic Solutions has a unique set of product offerings specifically designed to cater for small and medium scale banking enterprises.

These are implemented in the most cost effective way and can be deployed with less setup requirements.
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Islamic Banking

South Atlantic Solutions Islamic Banking suit of offerings is specifically designed by Islamic bankers for Islamic Banking.

This is designed to be fully sharia compliant in all its functionalities.
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Electronic Banking

South Atlantic Solutions has a tried and tested suit of products that provide great digital capabilities and electronic banking solutions for our clients.

These cover a range of offerings that would be readily implemented either to our core bank end systems or to non-SATSO core bank end systems.
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Data Intelligence

Our Data Intelligence Solution is geared towards advanced management information systems, Data Warehousing and business intelligence systems.

These are designed to enable the bank to achieve several information manipulation needs required for all three levels of the bank. These would be the top executives, middle management and lower end report distribution key resource level.

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South Atlantic Solutions maintains a development unit that ensures that our suit of offerings includes key compliance components for our clients.

Our compliance solutions come modularised thus enabling the client to customise the final solution to suit its requirement and compliance needs.

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