User Support

South Atlantic Solutions has established a support infrastructure that has undergone years of strengthening. This is designed to ensure that support is not an “after thought” but rather a part of all our service processes from the start.

A good support service delivery is the key to maintaining a healthy client relationship. This sounds obvious but the reality is that most software corporations find themselves investing too much more in “new business development” compared with “existing business satisfaction”.

Often the high workload of support staff, involved in new business development, results in an impaired ability to be prompt in support service delivery, thereby lowering the general quality of support services. This can eventually result in adverse consequences on the system’s market worth and end user dissatisfaction.

Other problems causing sub standard support services could lack of technical skills or experience of support staff.

South Atlantic Solutions believes that the relevance of a good support service delivery cannot be overemphasized. That is why we strategically provide free support for a period when doing any software implementations. Substantial effort is required to train up support staff for new implementations.

Our support services package include the following:

  • Telephonic technical and business support by people who have decent understand of the site.
  • Dialup capabilities to expedite the resolution of unusual issues (with appropriate security measures)
  • Help desk approach to recording of major issues and requests.
  • Performing of all upgrade tasks.
  • Support of Local Developments when properly established.
  • Development of new products. This is important in response to the ever-changing needs of a competitive environment.
  • Enhancement of existing customization. This applies to MoneyLine, Structured Deals and T24 sites.
  • Special Day End and Year End support.
  • Twenty four hour support is available for business and operations support.
  • Database Tuning.
  • Many more