SATSO Focuses on Mobile Banking Experience

South Atlantic Solutions is continuing in the aggressive pursuit of its intended destination in the banking solutions sphere of the global market. This has been evidenced by another addition to its growing suit of impressive solutions designed for the banking world.

South Atlantic Solutions has over the decade operated with the view that “IT” solutions for banks require constant radical strides to be made in its “R&D” space. This must be done with a view to providing impressive practical solutions at reasonable costs.

The new and upgraded release of its mobile banking solution called mTransact is a faster, safe, secure, flexible and ‘rapid to deploy” mobile commerce solution designed and targeted at Banks. It is portable in its ability to be easily implemented against limitless back end systems while retaining the invaluable experience for the end user.

The company has preceded this with prior-successes in banking solutions space. These include successful rollout of other products such as Finalysis (An MIS/BI with BASEL Reporting) Solution for Banks, iTransact (Web based internet banking/e-commerce) solution, Structured Deals (A flexible and impressively powerful Loan management system) and many more.

Through its products South Atlantic Solutions is rapidly positioning itself as a diligent and pragmatic player in the banking solutions space with history increasingly aligning with the company.

In today’s banking world the user experience is increasingly driving the shape of banking products and services. This is a trend that is guaranteed to remain in the foreseeable future. As a result back end software systems must re-invent their very core if they are to remain relevant in the face of growing challenges.

This is further highlighted by well known complications and frustrations created through segregated back end systems. These having served well decades ago have been slow to respond to the need for unified view of all dealings with the banks client base. The result of this is a constant “play catch up” of several old software systems in response to changing client demands.

South Atlantic Solutions is very driven by the user experience in all its product developments. In so doing it tries to completely archive the need for banks to have to adjust their product models to accommodate the limitations and hindrances of systems.

In order to achieve this the company drives all its product developments from user experience point of view. The result of this is that it gets the solution to do exactly what it should always do. First to envelope the end user from the complications or difficulties, second is to provide the functional need exactly as it is required by the user and third is to ensure that the solution is available through the most affordable technology channels.

mTransact is a cost effective, comprehensive and functional mobile banking system. Over time, three levels of deployment have been developed to suit all bank clients. Thus enabling all levels of banks to service clients starting with those yet to move away from first generation mobile phone technology to those using smartphones.

As such mTransact is still fully able to enable the bank service all levels of its client base by providing (in one solution suit) : Optimised web browser for newer broadband connected phones, Downloadable “App” systems to run on the handset and Mobile text based banking

With mTransact a bank is guaranteed to achieve maximum customer convenience, minimal infrastructure expenditure, Cost effective future adaptations to meet changing demands and many more.

According to the company’s Senior Vice President Mr Curt Kruger, the new release of mTransact is also adequate for cashless mobile banking needs. This gives improved banking reach to remote locations where banking infrastructures are largely unavailable. He further reiterates that mTransact is surely evolving into a complete cloud based user banking tool.

President and Chief Executive Officer of the company (Mr Chima Nwoko) is clearly upbeat about the next solution releases earmarked to be released by the company. Some of these he plans to unveil within the 2016 calendar year. He further states that provision of world class banking products and solutions remains the centre piece of the company’s “path to destination” strategy.