MoneyLine Banking

The MoneyLine Core banking system is a full end-to-end banking “packaged software” that was created as an answer to most of the challenges experienced by large banking systems that preceded it.

The software is designed for a friendly front end, flexible middle system engine and a powerful back end engine.

The system is designed to extinguish the era in which the system is an obstacle to functional growth and at the same time be a powerful enabler to stable bank digitisation.

The system evolved over decades having been born through a phase by phase development of solutions to replace inefficiencies and hurdles in other standard banking solutions.

The MoneyLine core banking system handles a full set of product modules to allow a bank deliver amazing solutions for :

  • Retail Banking
  • Corporate Banking
  • SME Banking
  • Micro Finance Banking
  • Treasury Banking
  • Islamic Banking
  • Others…

The MoneyLine Core Banking System allows the bank to quickly and efficiently role out comprehensive products powered by SATSO’s Structured Deals robustness.

This system as can be expected comes with a strong direct relationship with other solutions owned by South Atlantic Solutions. These would include :

  • Data Intelligence
  • Online Channels Banking
  • Interfaces
  • Others…

Due to the share combination of flexibility, stability and power – The MoneyLine core banking system is designed to guarantee decent implementation times.

MoneyLine has a very attractive cost-benefit principle that will work for your bank.

MoneyLine is easy to implement as it is designed to be a round peg for round holes rather than a square peg for round holes.

South Atlantic Solutions applies an innovative approach to engaging interested banks when dealing with the MoneyLine core banking system.

MoneyLine can accurately be described as “Flexibility and Power” perfected due to the decades of experience that ultimately resulted in its birth.

With the addition of the full end-to-end core banking system, South Atlantic Solutions has proved through persistence and character that it is a partner for the longest haul relationship and not just vendor for the moment.

South Atlantic Solutions is proud of the re-vision and update this has brought to its suit of offerings. The corporation’s suit of offerings is summarised as can be seen below