Finalysis Business Intelligence System

Finalysis is a data warehouse and MIS solution for MoneyLine and other core banking systems developed and powered by South Atlantic Solutions. The product liberates the organization from the traditional reporting restrictions and provides a platform for information delivery which can significantly enhance decision making.

The development of this product is a continuing implementation of South Atlantic Solutions’ strategy to provide products which add value to all banks and add complimentary facilities not addressed within the most core systems.
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mTransact is a cost effective, comprehensive and functional mobile banking system. Three levels of deployment have been developed to suit all bank clients, from those still utilizing first generation mobile phone technology to those using smartphones.

Banks are able to utilise one or more of these solutions in the implementation of mobile banking. All three options interface directly with the SATSO iTransact internet banking system.
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Fixed & Movable Assets

The management of company assets can often be problematic for an organization. Many companies use free standing asset management tools to record and track assets. The integration of this information with the company’s general ledger however then becomes an issue.

Taking into account all of these issues, South Atlantic Solutions (SATSO) has developed an Asset Management module . No longer does a company need to address the integration issues, but can now directly manage the company assets from within the MoneyLine system, thereby ensure integrity and accuracy.
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iTransact Online Banking System

iTransact is a cost effective, comprehensive and functional internet banking system. With a customer interface that is simple and clear, it allows customers with little computer knowledge the ability to navigate the system. The system has been developed to integrate with any underlying banking system through a well defined integration layer.

The system provides all of the functionality offered by most leading internet banking products. Well define interfaces allows the product to be tailored to the requirements of any banks. These include interfaces to bank clearing systems, mobile text gateways, payment gateways for prepaid services etc.
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MoneyLine Core Banking

The MoneyLine Core banking system is a full end-to-end banking “packaged software” that was created as an answer to most of the challenges experienced by large banking systems that preceded it.

The software is designed for a friendly front end, flexible middle system engine and a powerful back end engine.

The system is designed to extinguish the era in which the system is an obstacle to functional growth and at the same time be a powerful enabler to stable bank digitisation.
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