MoneyLine Core Banking System

“Innovation and Flexibility Perfected”

The MoneyLine Core Banking System has history and future on the same page! Born by advanced evolution of the “Structured Deals” brain power solidly perfected over decades. This is Simplicity, flexibility, reliability, Power and sheer banking edge at the right cost. Catering to a wide range of banking functions MoneyLine is designed for bankers by people who spent decades with them in the trenches.



Mobile Banking

mTransact is a cost effective, comprehensive and functional mobile banking system. Three levels of deployment have been developed to suit all bank clients

Business Intelligence

South Atlantic Solutions views Solutions Analysis as the "head corner stone" in solutions creation. The quality of a solutions analysis result is directly related to the knowledgData warehousing is a concept which has gained mainstream acceptance over the last decade

Online Banking

iTransact is a cost competitive, full function internet banking system which has a number of unique features. Developed by South Atlantic Solutions for clients with existing core banking systems

Our Purpose for everything we do fulcrums around the provision of software-related services with attractive cost/benefit ratios to our partners (banks), creation of services and software brands that outlives its builders, To serve financial institutions as a technology partner and not a vendor, To give back to all communities we are part of, to work hard, be compliant with the law and ultimately elevate all through profitability.

Our Desired Destination is a reputable place in the banking community in which we are embraced as a premium products and services brand. A brand that is truly useful and largely indispensable to banks in the regions we focus on. A place that by default generates and sustains mutually beneficial relationships with financial institutions across our regions of focus.

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